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Providing Reliable International Trade Solutions for
Over 40 Years!

Partnering for Your Success

We at Phil Patterson, Inc. are proud to be the predominant U.S. customs broker in the Midwest. We’ve been providing importers with a complete range of quality services since 1970.

We take your most difficult inbound logistics opportunity and develop a step-by-step plan that starts with the development of customs clearance documentation and leads to the final door-to-door transportation.

By using Phil Patterson, Inc. we offer you the ability to file custom entries in every port in the United States with remote location filing. This flexibility eliminates the need to deal with several different brokers saving you time and money and lets you deal with only one broker that you can trust to deliver your cargo efficiently and quickly.

At Phil Patterson, Inc. we effectively guide you through the various facets of an often complex and confusing maze of paperwork and negotiations that is inbound logistics.

Every step of the way, our staff will provide you the personalized attention, extraordinary consideration to detail, and the unparalleled ingenuity to get the job done quickly and efficiently saving you time and money.

Our commitment to you is the best possible services…the service that has made us the leader in the industry for over four decades.